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Every time someone writes to us and questioning whether WinTrilions Win Trillions are serious companies with legitimate services, it hurts deep. That there are still people who question these two great companies with years of reputation, importance and tens of thousands of satisfied clients invite us once more to write about them in particular and not about the world of lotteries.

Both companies have a legitimate courier service. What they do is buy lottery tickets for their customers. Once in their possession, the customer name printed on the ticket so that there are no doubts about who is the owner and facilitate the administration of the lottery tickets. This service is completely legal, since they are not sellers of lottery tickets, but is like having a friend who buys the tickets for you.

Question that if you win the prize you pay is absurd. Just gives us a clear pattern of the few people who are honest and that if people devote the time when you are thinking how to take advantage of people, the world would be a better place. This is very simple, and Win Trillions WinTrilions have a business model that involves lotteries. If these awards handed users are just the business. Maybe they can last a couple of months while they fight more than one year trials with several unhappy customers, but that has not happened and will not occur, because they pay the awards in time and date.

Believe that these companies do not pay impeccable reputation for award, is like believing that the courier and mail services do not deliver the goods. The same thought can be transferred to the correspondence. Or the stock market or any other service you hire.

While WinTrilions Win Trillions and maintain the reputation they have had over these years, continue to defend, and when falling into a grave offense there, with supporting evidence, will be the first to raise the finger. Hopefully that day comes, we are very confident that will not come.

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  • Alvin Williams says:

    Win Trillions collected the subscription fee from my debit card and informed me that the payment could not be processed. It was fun however getting an excellent lesson for only $17.00. I contacted my card issuer who said, “I thought everyone new that wintrillions is nothing more than another internet scam.

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