Lottery according to your horoscope


Astrology enables us to thank the celestial phenomena reflect such conditions on human activities, so that each of the twelve signs represent basic twelve or characteristic expression patterns can also be applied to lotteries worldwide.

Aries: This is a fire sign, a masculine sign and outgoing. The lucky numbers are 1, 7 and 9. The lucky day is Tuesday. Red is the color of nature to the zodiacal sign of Aries. There is no doubt that it should play a major lottery, weighing, recognized worldwide. The Mega Millions lottery is best for Aries.

Taurus: For the bull not like the changes, is stubborn. Loving and very patient. The lucky numbers are 6 and 4. And lucky day is Friday. And a lottery in which it takes patience but it covers both the vanity of Taurus is the Euromillions lottery.

Gemini: With a personality that thinks, and the lucky day for Gemini on Wednesday, and the lucky numbers is 5, there is no doubt that if you’re a Gemini, you should play the lottery California Super Lotto.

Cancer: A female, more subtle. The lucky number is 1. And the luckiest day is Monday. The cancer should play the lottery France Loto. A land lottery of love.

Leo: In the spirit of leadership and a strong personality, the Leo be their fate on Sunday, and have a number for luck. With ambition, courage and determination should play the lottery El Gordo de la Primitiva Spain.

Virgo: Another sign on that Wednesday is the lucky day, and not for nothing on Wednesday are the busiest days in the world of lotteries. It is a feminine sign, a virgin pure. They are very intelligent and cunning, so must play a lottery that is the case. The Powerball lottery seems the most appropriate of all.

Libra: The pound represented by the balance, showing a balance between lust and beauty. No specific number of days or so, means that in general, and depending on where the balance will have luck or not. A matter of taste. We recommend the lottery Mega Sena from Brazil.

Scorpio: Another sign of the zodiac very feminine, there are a lot of famous Scorpios, from Marie Antoinette to Demi Moore and Leonardo di Caprio. Scorpios recommend for the Canada Lotto 649 lottery.

Sagittarius: People very happy, very happy. Always showing his joy of life. We have no doubt that the lottery for Sagittarius is the New York Lotto.

Capricorn: amber and onyx stones are representing Capricorn. Violet, full of life. A fighter by nature. But people in families. OZ Lotto lottery recommend Australia.

Aquarius: Persons of great camaraderie, co. With great emotional security. Undisputed leader. They must play a strong as the Powerball lottery.

Pisces: The last of the signs, but not the least important. They have strong spiritual aspirations and a great inner conviction. Temperamental but dreamers. We recommend playing the Florida Lotto lottery.

But this is only a little help to guide them which may have more luck lottery and win a millionaire jackpot. But this does not mean they should not and can play other lotteries, indeed they can. The more you play lottery, will have more chances to win.

Remember that there is luck, luck of creating each individual. Who do you think have better luck finding your dream job? He who comes every day to deliver curriculum vitae where dreams work, or one who stays at home waiting for a magical opportunity. The answer is obvious.

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