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Powerball prize with a trillion dollar


There are 245 million dollars in the Powerball jackpot, an extraordinary figure and all because you missed the last draw and no one has won.

Sometimes these lottery prizes await our play, it was written as if we will win. All lotteries in the world are similar, but few reach Powerball jackpots like that after 13 draws no successes totaled $ 245 million.

The next Powerball lottery draw will be on USA on Nov. 2. You just have to access a message service, choose the numbers you want to play and have faith and be confident you can win, and that win.

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Powerball and Mega Millions


The Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries are the two most important in the United States. And they are among the largest in the world.

The Mega Millions is drawn in the next few hours and has a jackpot of $ 30 million. You can now play and participate in a lot of money. There are a lot of money at stake.

The Powerball drawing will be tomorrow, October 15 and has an estimated jackpot of 105 million dollars that can be yours if you play right now in Trillions.

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Euro Millions with a fantastic prize


Once again Europe’s lottery is the cover of every newspaper in the world. The Euro Millions lottery has a prize of 126 million euros, equivalent to 178 million.

In a climate of global uncertainty, with bags down, high unemployment in which they were world powers, people are willing to risk small amounts of money and try their luck in the big lotteries in the world.

This is normal and justified. If a couple can earn millions of dollars, worth a try.

Now you can play the Euro Millions lottery from anywhere in the world, you can play through Trillonario and thus to realize your dreams.

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Friday EuroMillions is played


This Friday we have a new lottery draw Europe’s most important and will have a jackpot of 90 million euros, or about 130 million U.S. dollars.

Lottery Euromillions lottery is the best prize today, and is rife since it has two weekly drawings.

With its new sweepstakes on Tuesday, the European lottery has gained in popularity and prestige due to the significant increase of their jackpots.

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Old Continent lottery


The old world is the best lotteries in the world, the old continent, Europe is beautiful to the Euro Millions lottery with a prize of 65 million euros.

This fantastic lottery organized by several of the major European Union countries, does not require advertising, since its grand prize millionaire advertises 65 million alone.

You can play the EuroMillions from anywhere in the world thanks to the messaging services such as Trillonarios and theLotter.

Login now to secure order page and purchase your tickets right now the Euro Millions lottery for the next draw is tomorrow, Friday August 19.

Millionaire jackpot grows


Growing jackpot Powerball lottery millionaire U.S. and now has a jackpot of 180 million dollars.

His next draw will be in two days, August 6, 2011. Like all Saturdays will be drawn in United States a new chance to win big money because of the big lotteries in the world.

The next in better lottery prize is her neighbor, the Mega Millions lottery, which has a prize of $ 99 million and will be avoiding tomorrow, August 5.

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The Mega Millions enters the top 25 top jackpots in the world


This Friday will be a new draw for the Mega Millions lottery and is located at position 12 of the top lottery prize in the history of lotteries. And this award is probably much better at the end, and that lotteries are always cautious when predicting the next lottery prize.

Top 25 awards in the U.S. lottery are these.

1. Mega Millions: $ 390 million, March 6, 2007
2. Mega Millions: $ 380 million, January 5, 2011
3. Powerball: $ 365 million, February 18, 2006
4. The Big Game: $ 363 million, May 9, 2000
5. Powerball: $ 340 million, October 19, 2005
6. Mega Millions: $ 336 million, 28 August 2009
7. The Big Game: $ 331 million, April 16, 2002
8. Mega Millions:$ 330 million, 31 August 2007
9. Mega Millions: $ 315 million, November 15, 2005
10. Powerball: $ 314.9 million, December 26, 2002
11. Powerball: $ 314.3 million, Aagosto 25, 2007
12. Mega Millions: $ 304 million, March 25, 2011 (preliminary forecast)
13. Powerball: $ 295.7 million, July 29, 1998
14. Powerball: $ 295 million, 25 August 2001
15. Mega Millions: $ 294 million, July 2, 2004
16. Powerball: $ 276.3 million, March 15, 2008
17. Mega Millions: $ 275 million, February 22, 2008
18. Mega Millions: $ 270 million, February 28, 2006
19. Mega Millions: $ 266 million, May 4, 2010
20. Mega Millions: $ 265 million, April 18, 2006
21. Powerball: $ 261.6 million, June 2, 2010
22. Powerball: $ 261.3 million, July 9, 2003
23. Powerball: $ 259.9 million, August 19, 2009
24. Powerball: $ 258.5,000,000, April 21, 2010
25. Mega Millions: $ 258 million, September 16, 2005

The Big Game lottery is the original name of the lottery is now known as Mega Millions.

So what do you expect to play the Mega Millions lottery and play for $ 304 million, is now playing and become the next trillion dollar.

Awards millionaires worldwide


There are three fantastic lotteries exceeding $ 100 million, and one of them even exceeding 200 million.

The lower premium for these so does the U.S. Powerball lottery, which will be drawn on March 23 and has a prize of $ 101 million. Excellent.

Then in the second position is the Euro Millions lottery with a prize of 133 million euros equivalent to $ 188 million, and that their lot will be on Friday 25 March, as every Friday.

And the best time lottery, Mega Millions is a lottery, with an amazing prize of $ 244 million and that will be drawn tomorrow, March 22. It’s really a fantastic prize would be a real silly not play the lottery. With a minimum investment of $ 10 to win $ 244 million.Not to be missed, no matter how difficult it is to win the lottery.

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Mega Millions winners ran out


In the bypassed yesterday was $ 172 million jackpot for the Mega Millions lottery, and there were no winners, so its jackpot, the more trillion dollar jackpot at the time, amounted to 201 million dollars.

The draw will be held on March 18, and you can win a prize so great that it is even difficult to imagine what you can do with $ 201 million.

Play now Mega Millions lottery from anywhere in the world, thanks to messaging services and, allowing you to buy and play in the big lotteries in the world without leaving your home.

Remember that there are 201 million reasons to play the lottery. Do not miss this fantastic opportunity. Play now and win.

In 24 hours you can be a millionaire


Did you know that in 24 hours can become a millionaire and make money? So, now playing the lottery Mega Millions U.S., you will be attending the next draw will take place on March 15, which give away the stupendous figure of $ 172 million.

You just have to get six numbers to become a trillion dollar and win the 172 million that gives one of the largest lotteries in the U.S. and worldwide.

Now plays the Mega Millions lottery and buy all the opportunities you want, a lottery ticket is an opportunity, the more tickets you buy, you’ll have more chances to win.

Start winning in the big lotteries in the world, could be the next lucky winner.