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Euro Jackpot with a jackpot of 56 million euros


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Mega Millions and a grand prize of 400 million


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Ogemia is an online Lottery and we do not recommend it


Ogemia is a new website that allows us to play a virtual Lottery 6/49 on the internet. But it is not a courier service like those who we recommend. We recommend

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Lotteries da Caixa global


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Mega Millions Prize gordo in the


Jackpot Mega Millions lottery has a special jackpot, and this award is that we began the March of 2014.

the next draw will be on 4 March, just at the end of Carnival in many Latin countries.

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The best lotteries in the world


these results are the latest results of the large lotteries in the world

United States – Mega Millions 21 Feb 23,29,32,45,46 15

Spain – 4,15,25,30,39,44 31 Feb 22 primitive

Ohio – Classic Lotto 22 Feb 11,14,15,31,38,45

Canada – Lotto Max 21 Feb 1,10,16,23,29,35,39 46

United States – Powerball 22 Feb 2,3,13,14,54 4

Europe – EuroMillions 21 Feb 13,17,28,30,32 5.7

United Kingdom – EuroMillions UK 21 Feb 13,17,28,30,32 5.7

Europe – EuroJackpot 21 Feb 2,4,21,30,41 7.8

Germany – Lotto 22 Feb 25,26,30,32,39,46 5

New Zealand – Powerball 22 Feb 9,22,24,27,34,40 23 6

is very curious, but number 30 has been repeated in the lottery of Spain, in the EuroMillions Jackpot Euro and Germany

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Powerball Lottery with a jackpot of $ 400 million


lottery of the moment, which will have its draw in today, has a grand prize of $ 400 million.

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Excellent idea to give away in San Valentin


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